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As Big as a Whale

The Whale “My Zoo” designed by Martí Guixé is the protagonist of the installation by MAGIS. Viewers are invited to repaint the largest whale in the world in an original way.

And Pinocchio found himself in front of the Whale.
-Pinocchio (Walt Disney, 1940)

A central character of legend and literature—from the original story of Jonah reported in the Old Testament to the Pinocchio fairytale written by Carlo Collodi later reinterpreted by Walt Disney—the belly of the whale represents a space of human introspection where fears are overcome and spiritual or intellectual insights are gained.

The exhibition invites visitors into this space for a momentary shift of collective consciousness.

Martí Guixé

Martí Guixé is a Spanish designer who works on living matter, which is transformed and decomposed by blending anthropology, gastronomy, typography, humanities, sciences, performance and design. He analyses situations, behaviour and gestures, and proposes radically effective solutions with minimal ergonomics, free from the image of an idealized body in which technocratic perspective seeks to create the correct form. Martí Guixé's work has been exhibited at the MOMA, the Centre Georges Pompidou, and Design Museum London, amongst others.

The Brand

Magis was founded in Italy in 1976. A leader in the world of design, the company's success is based on the desire to provide access to high functional and technological quality products developed in partnership with major international designers. Magis creates 100% Made in Italy products that are poetic, aesthetic, and ethically produced. During its 40 year history, During its 40-year history, Magis products have become part of the permanent collections of many important museums worldwide and have been awarded 3 Compasso d’Oro prizes, won respectively for Trioli (design Eero Aarnio) in 2008, for Steelwood Chair (design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) in 2011 and for Spun (design Thomas Heatherwick) in 2014.

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