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Lapo Ciatti takes inspiration from the word “Rope” for an installation to the tune of “Time Waits for No Man” by Lisa E.Harris. In case of necessity, even the most simple object such as a rope has the potential to become a solid support to throw into the sea and hold onto.

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea at Lido Island, I imagined every palm leaf to be a person that risked or sacrificed their life for a better life in Europe. Every time a leaf would touch me in the ocean, I would pray for them. I knew I had to respond artistically to what is happening in the world.
-Lisa E. Harris

19 Ropes represent the hope of a better life, away from war, persecution and famine. An explosion of red flowers born from an idea by Gherardo Frassa and manufactured by Fiori di Latta symbolize comfort and consolation. Red poppies symbolize love, the only force that can overcome adversity at sea and on land.

Lisa E. Harris

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Recognized by the Huffington Post as “One of Fourteen Artists that are Transforming Opera”, Lisa E. Harris is a creator from Houston, Texas. Harris is an American soprano and composer who often creates with media, performances, installations and lists filmmaker, singer/songwriter, educator as part of her identity as well. Harris has performed at the 52nd Venice Biennale, is recipient of the 2015 Valiante Award and contributed vocals to the Grammy-nominated album “All Rise: A Joyful Elegy for Fats Waller.”

Lapo Ciatti

Born in 1980, Lapo Ciatti represents the third generation of the family behind Opinion Ciatti. After gaining his degree in industrial design and internships in some of the most important architect firms in Florence, Milan and London, he joined the family business, adding it with new ideas and challenges. Lapo started his collaboration with Bruno Rainaldi, who deeply influenced his first works and bestowed an important cultural and expressive baggage to him. Since 2011, Lapo is the CEO and the Art Director of Opinion Ciatti, which he established in 2008.

The Brand

Opinion Ciatti is the expression of a way of understanding design as an experimental terrain, as a laboratory for form. The objects are intense and expressive, they recount a non-dogmatic quest and passion for design skills; features of a company which matches quality with a long manufacturing family tradition. Memory and contemporaneity, roots and vision, looking to the past to see the future: these are the keywords of Opinion Ciatti mindset. Project by project, object by object, unique and distinctive signs take shape. Modifiable and modular pieces of furniture as well as one of a kind items with a very strong impression: metaphors of a modern, free and adaptable lifestyle. Every product has its own identity, its own source of inspiration, its own history. Unique stories, which are sometimes parallel, sometimes divergent but that are always linked by one theme. Being thought in Florence, 100% made in Italy.

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