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Lagoona is populated by mythical creatures that lurk in the obscurity of the sea. Out of his precious universe of ceramics, Matteo Cibic tells the myth of the deep sea presenting gigantic and ferocious beasts, which in the collective imagination induce fear in sailors.

I like to build new imaginary objects for home, creating luxury contemporary objects that bring with them fun and unexpected features. I love to create with rare materials, using traditional processes that are on their way to extinction.
- Matteo Cibic

These original works for Dodo were presented at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. On occasion of Underwater Love, they transform into a marine bestiary emerging from fog and water like monsters capable of ferrying us, with their dreamy eyes, towards a visionary and surreal world full of bibliographic references.

Matteo Cibic

Matteo Cibic, head of his namesake creative company Matteo Cibic Studio, works with his team of designers to develop pieces and creative ideas for private clients and international companies. The objects they create have been exhibited and purchased by renowned international museums such as the Museé Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Glass in Shanghai and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. He has also collaborated with Bosa to create Domsai, desk terrariums, and with Secondome Gallery to create Transgenic Lights table lamps. Using an experimental approach to design, Matteo Cibic blends various materials and production techniques for the formation of truly intriguing pieces with a twist of surreal.

The Brand

DoDo invites Matteo Cibic to explore and reinvent his precious creative universe through a refined dreamlike bestiary of ceramic characters. A pioneer in the search for new forms of expression, Dodo chose the talented designer for his visionary, surreal approach to experimental perspective. The synergy between DoDo and Matteo Cibic is in line with the DNA of both brands, open to creativity as the essential engine for imagination.

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