Design on Water Art Gallery


Bitossi Ceramiche and Alessio Sarri present a metaphorical ceramic installation dedicated to the sea where, on the surface of the water, birds migrate to new and luminous shores.

Whether speaking about the movement of a single person or a group, as individuals or a flock, movement caused by nature or social factors, the decision to leave a place to reach another always has more than one reason, generating a complex and controversial phenomenon.

Pottery is a beautiful metaphor: it is only dust. Dust with endless possibilities.
- Alessio Sarri

The possibility to be reinvented is the way of man when creating a new habitat capable of welcome. Aldo Londi, artistic director of Bitossi Ceramiche for over four decades, creates a expressive language made up of matter and form painted in an unmistakable color: blue. Here he presents the “Birds” series, in creation since 1955.

I have traveled the world and in all the countries where I’ve been I made ceramics. I have never broken the relationship with this material which has to deeply marked my life. Sometimes I research with instruments, sometimes with new materials.
- Aldo Londi, Bitossi Ceramiche, 1996

Alessio Sarri

Alessio Sarri is a master ceramicist and one of the most talented working in Italy. He has produced for Memphis, Tendentse, Zanotta, Cappellini and collaborated with artists and designers such as Ettore Sottsass, Matteo Thun, George J.Sowden, Andrea Branzi, Nathalie du Pasquier, Alessandro Mendini and many more. The designer has participated in Italian and international exhibitions and lives and works in Tuscany.

The Brand

Bitossi Ceramiche made a name for itself during the latter part of the 19th century, finding a niche in an artistic ceramics tradition that had been thriving in Tuscany since 1500. Founder Tito Bitossi, followed by his son Egidio, managed to endow the factory with high quality standards to create a dynamic and modern company. Bitossi Ceramiche is known for its extensive archive including a collection of more than 7000 historical works, documents and material related to historic ceramics production. Extensive research, impeccable quality, and a unique aesthetic sensibility make Bitossi Ceramiche one of the most influential producers of fine ceramics today.

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