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Secondome Gallery presents an installation by Stefano Marolla, in which furniture is an object evocative of identity and family. The artist’s moving works, who forges sheets of wood by Palissandro Santos, molding them as the waves of the sea with the remains with which they come across. The visual power corresponds to a rational rigor, the theatrical dimension to the rule.

My work is an organic work, inspired by draping, waves, dunes. It’s a work in movement. Each piece creates itself. I can only control it a little. I never know which waves will ride my sheet of wood.
- Stefano Marolla

Stefano Marolla

Born in Rome amongst the cabinet and woodworking shop of his uncle, Stefano Marolla had an interest in design from a young age. He specializes in restoration and cabinet making, carrying out various projects from the two increasingly interconnected fields. Research and experimentation with innovative forms blend contemporary pieces with traditional Italian furniture. Marolla works for private and public institutions including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the Borghese Gallery, the Andersen Museum, the American Academy in Rome (Villa Aurelia), the Church of St. Paul, Confindustria and Cinecittà.

The Brand

Secondome is a design platform that focuses on emerging international designers and innovative projects. The Design Gallery dedicates its space to mostly handmade products that honor the craft and practice of contemporary artisanship. As of April 2008, Secondome also producing its own collection of design objects that emphasize the Made in Italy brand and local hand-crafted workmanship. In 2016, Secondome collaborated for the first time with designer Stefano Marolla to present "Una (Articolo Indeterminativo)", a buffet and bar counter which re-imagines the material of wood with the lightness of drapery.

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