Fluid Fashion

An exclusive capsule collection by MINI


MINI in fashion: a presence that is a synonym of taste, good design and personality, of optimism and the ability to surprise. The Leitmotiv? A bright and optimistic view on fashion resulting from an open, boundaryless approach to life.

Thanks to its expertise, MINI pursues an idea of optimistic and vital style that supports co – creation and collaboration. MINI gets to inspire designers and emerging artists to pursue both aesthetics, passions and impactful ideas. The result is an exciting Capsule Collection, joining forces with five international designers. They translated their interpretation of the optimistic, bold character of the MINI brand into a boundary-less product: the MINI Sweatshirt.

The MINI Fluid Fashion Capsule Collection is a visionary take on the classic sweatshirt seen from a genderless perspective.


Études represents an inclusive experience of visual culture. Established in 2012 and based between Paris and New York, the brand operates across platforms ranging from menswear to publishing, at once reflecting and engaging contemporary landscape through diverse but distinct content.



Agape Mdumulla and Sam Edward Cotton began the brand designing for ‘men’. After years of countless menswear collections, they aim to sit firmly in the middle. With a strong emphasis on print and humor they believe that fashion should never be taken too seriously. 



SANKUANZ boasts a distinctive and playful approach to fashion that has gained a cult-like following in China and abroad. SANKUANZ’s intriguing and unconventional style made designer Shangguan Zhe a sort of eccentric enfant terrible in the Chinese mainstream fashion scene.



HIEN LE concentrates on womens and mens every day wear as well as accessoiries. Discreet cuts and the subtle application of details, consequently maintains its claim to manufacture clothing that combines diligent design with accurate workmanship, everything produced in Germany.



Entirely conceived and developped in Italy, SUNNEI is an independent brand born from the passion of two young creatives: Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo. Attracted by the evolution of streetwear and all aspects of international menswear, the duo worked closely along with experienced artisans and industry professionals to launch their collection.

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