Underwater Love

An exclusive capsule collection curated by Highsnobiety, in collaboration with White Tradeshow Milan.

International tastemakers Highsnobiety once again joined forces with White Tradeshow Milan for the June edition of WOW White on Web, a digital incubator for young designers and upcoming brands. Highsnobiety singled out seven creative talents, each of whom contributed to a capsule collection, created exclusively for LUISAVIAROMA.

Titled Underwater Love, the collection features each designer’s unique interpretation of water, and its many forms and symbolic references.




Black Rabbit is a clothing brand dedicated to the revival of garments. The Japanese brand “reissues” enigmatic Series III pieces. Exquisitely fashioned, cleverly tailored and military in conception, Series III originated from an unknown source somewhere in Eastern Europe.

The brand’s distinct aesthetic is a combination of oriental pattern cutting and military hardware, brought together with a synthetic sportswear edge

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C2H4 L.A.

The Los-Angeles brand that seamlessly meshes American culture with Chinese street aesthetic. C2H4 (molecular formula of ethylene oxide) is all about intricate ideologies and aesthetics with minimalist elements.

Known for producing intellectual fashion using only the finest materials and high-quality construction, the brand’s motto is: “Be a part of what will come, not of what is now.”

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In Goal We Trust. GCDS is a high-impact sportswear brand with serious street smarts. Designed and created in Milan, GCDS wear combines Italian expertise with the energy of its Milanese surroundings, creating the ultimate urban streetscape that spans East to West.

Quality oversized tees and sweaters dripping with graphics shout out to a spectrum of sporting subcultures. Bold, pacey, logofied apparel with a kick.

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Established in the North West, The Incorporated is largely inspired by the nineties street scene. The collection features garments with a grungy soul – bombers, hoodies, denim jackets- that can be interpreted as a call to action.

The brand aims to create relevant and impactful clothing for young people that inspires positive change. In their own words: “If you don’t stand for anything, don’t stand in our clothing.”

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The core design philosophy of Nilmance is based on needs and functions. Designer Mike Yeung takes inspiration from daily lives, by observing the interaction between garments and human movements.

Nilmance demonstrates a perfect integration between technology and the day-to-day wardrobe and celebrates a harmonious marriage between function and beauty.

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ZDDZ is a contemporary womenswear brand that views fashion as media and proves that ready-to-wear can be a contemporary form of street art, raising social and political issues or reflecting aspects of big-city life.

ZDDZ offers a new view on urban routines; quotes from news headlines and advertising slogans are subtly mixed with striking graphic design. The brand creates pieces which are radical and noticeable, whilst at the same time, comfortable and functional.

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3.PARADIS is an innovative and trendsetting luxury ready-to-wear brand founded by designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung. The designers come from two different corners of the world (Paris and Hong Kong) with a common artistic vision and dream of uniting and embracing all cultures and differences promoting a common voice amongst today’s global generation.

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